(/fʌdʒR/) noun;
The Arabic term for the ‘break of dawn’

Because a bright dawn follows every dark night.


Finding light through literature.

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- Fajr

We all like to begin and turn a new page,
We are souls with a passion, regardless of age.
A new spring will burst from a cold winter,
A new flame will arise from a burnt cinder.
Fresh winds and breeze move across the land,
Knocking on a window; decreed and planned.
Opportunities will crop up, so fulfill your destiny,
Don’t fear the new dawn, for tomorrow is a mystery.
Leave behind you a legacy, and much goodwill,
Knowing you’ve tried, and try you will.
When at the end of your tether, turn a new page,
Do not stagnate in life, do not stay in a cage.

–  ‘A New Spring’ (2013)

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