It’s all about timing. Always has been about timing. But just not yours.

Make it a habit to be grateful even for a small moment every day. Stop. Stand still. Lower your head, raise your palms. Let your memory float. Say thank you.

Perhaps blessings await at your door, prevented from entering by your unthankfulness, or expressed frustrations at current provisions, or just too much empty space in your stores of gratitude. Shukr is there to increase things right? But when it’s absent, then for sure the emptiness only increases.

It’s so important to understand people when talking to them or giving them advice. Some hearts are uplifted by positivity, encouragement, and Promise of Paradise whilst others may require a striking reminder, a warning, or emphasis on the Great Day. By continuously warning a heart and making it fearful when it longs for kindness and a warm embrace, you just might cripple it and force it to bear fruits that you did not wish for.

Keep working at it. Soon, your tree will bear fruit, even if it has to shed some leaves first.