Walking with Angels
A 5-week online course on Qur’an memorisation
For women only

After a number of sisters requested to have this course run again, I decided to do it just in time for Ramadan; a month of Mercy & Qur’an.

Give yourself a boost with the Qur’an!
A unique online course designed to help inspire students and prepare them for memorising, contemplating, and internalising the Qur’an. Five weeks of increasing one’s knowledge of the Qur’anic Sciences, learning about hifdh, breaking mental barriers, exploring the lives of huffadh and the various international methods of hifdh, as well as real-life case studies and learning the art of deriving benefit. I personally love this course because it includes a bit of everything, and most of all, Iman-boosting discussions on the Book of Allah and our relationship with Allah `azza wa jall. I pray you all find benefit in it!

Course topics include:

• Introduction to the Sciences of Qur’an
• Introduction to the Science of Hifdh
• Virtues of the Qur’an
• The Position of Qur’anic Hifdh with the Salaf
• The Qur’an and Islamic Heritage
• 25 Practical Steps for Memorising the Qur’an
• How to Memorise the Qur’an
• Relationship of the Hafidh with Allah
• Gradualism vs. Haste
• Relationship of the Hafidh with their Mushaf
• Obstacles on the Path
• Methods of Memorisation
• Memorisation vs. Review
• Words of Wisdom


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For any questions and enquiries, email: info@fajr-literary.com

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