“I hope,” she said as she planted the seed, “that this will cool someone’s eyes one day as much as it cools them from the sun.”

She walked on until she came across a collapsed tree. Without hesitation, she put her saddle bag on the grass and began lifting the heavy branches one by one, removing them away from the path. “I hope this will ease someone’s travels as much as it prevents them harm,” she whispered.

When she saw an orphan boy staring at the juicy sweets through the window only to dig into his pockets and find nothing, she hastened her steps into the store and bought those very sweets. She handed him his treasure and didn’t forget to pat his head as the warmest of smiles formed on his face and a tear strolled down both their cheeks. “I hope,” she thought, “that he will grow up and be inspired to cause many a smile on the faces of others. Your companionship, ya Rasulullah.”

Wherever she went, her mind was active; seeking the ways that she could better all the things around her. There was never a smile that she didn’t return, hardly an outstretched hand that she didn’t reach back out to, and never a plea for help that she didn’t respond to. She lived the Prophetic narration that “Allah is helping his slave so long as the slave is helping his brother…” And this was the secret and also the answer to the questions that multiple people often asked her when they would exclaim, ‘How are you so strong? How are you so independent? How is it that you never need people?’

But truth was she was always in need but her needs were well and truly taken care of…