Too many people believe they *own* others. We take each other for granted way too much. Men believe they own their wives, women feel they own their children, bosses think employees are theirs, but we forget that ultimately we all belong to Allah – as individuals.

See, when you internalise the fact that the one you love belongs wholly to Allah, you’ll see your actions change drastically towards them… you’ll let them be their own person, you become less controlling, and selfishness starts to leave you. You give them their space accordingly, and you become caring and considerate of them to the deepest and highest levels – because you know those levels are witnessed by Allah. In all, your relationship becomes rooted in taqwa (God-consciousness) and you’ll do so many good things without expecting reward (from them) and without batting an eyelid. And that makes your loved one return an ocean of goodness back to you in ways and at times you never anticipated.

…And if they depart from this world, you’ll remember that they were a gift as well as a loan. Yes, you will grieve, yes you will be a mess for a while. But you’ll be alright because you knew that they belonged to Allah and not to you. Thus we say ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un’ – To God we all belong, and to Him we are returning.

Let people be. Cultivate a sound heart for yourself.