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Sis Farhia’s courses are a beautiful learning experience. She selects unique and interesting topics that you may not find covered elsewhere. Each lesson is well planned and structured. You can tell that a lot of effort has been made to decide the portion that will be covered in each session and how it will flow. The handout not only encourages capturing the knowledge in the form of notes, but also triggers the thought process that helps drive the points home. It becomes a handy reference and appealing keepsake from the course. Sis Farhia’s teaching style is very interactive.  Some of these courses are based on classical books, and these courses break down the books and facilitate the study. Umm Hurairah, Canada

I found the course really beneficial, Alhumdulillah. It was well organised and structured, everything was well explained and I found myself really looking forward to it each week. The course content and material is truly unique and you will find yourself in awe yet again with Book of Allah. What more could you ask for? I would recommend this course to everyone. Umm Sulaymaan, UK

Ustadhah Farhia you were amazing mashaAllah tabarakallah; you taught us in a very unique way. Also your adab is so beautiful mA tA, you were so kind and open towards us, making things easy along the way, and interacting with us really helped us learn from you more rather than attending a lecture and just making notes. You helped us begin the skill of deriving benefits with the assignments.

S.A., UK

‘Upon a Bridge’ helped me to reflect on the verses of the Qur’an, their order and connection, in a way I didn’t do before. The realisation of how perfectly and meaningfully each word, verse and surah is put together increased my love and appreciation of the words of Allah. A very inspiring and thought provoking course that I can highly recommend to any sisters. Anonymous, Algeria