About Fajr Literary I initially decided to create this blog (now turning into something of a full website) because I needed somewhere to store the articles that I write. I felt I needed a secure place after having lost some original writings in the past (cue a *sobbing fit*) and also seeing what a mess loose papers can make! So I thought a blog would be good…  Over the course of 9 years, many articles (both written and translated) have been placed up here as well as books but gradually, the focus of the blog has turned towards Literature, Personal Writings/Authoring and Tarbiyyah (education, training, and personal development), in the hope that we can take what we read here and place it into our lives allowing us to live in a beautiful and correct manner, pleasing to Allah `azza wa jall. Imam Malik once said, ‘Nothing will rectify the latter part of this Ummah except what rectified its first part.’ I hope that the articles and resources found on this blog help us in building and shaping our lives upon the solid foundations of this Deen and give us the tarbiyyah we need to become an embodiment of the Qur’an and Sunnah just as the first generation was. Some of the contents and topics that this site contains include:

  • Original translations and books
  • Original writings/authored books
  • Qur’anic Sciences/Tadabbur (contemplation)
  • Interesting aspects on the Arabic Language
  • Rhetoric and eloquence
  • Thought-provoking incidents in history
  • Biographies of Islamic personalities
  • Poetry (both classical Arabic and English)
  • Personal and reflective writings
  • Heart-softening articles and writings based on the Islamic Sciences to name a few.

Please use the Categories section (at bottom of site) to navigate through the various posts. All posts on this site are original (whether translations or articles) and so due to this, I am open to any criticisms, corrections, and I wholeheartedly welcome sincere advice. Inshaa’Allah I hope you will all find benefit here :)  

About Farhia Yahya Behind the ‘Fajr Literary’ blog is Farhia Yahya from London,UK who is a teacher of Qur’anic and Arabic Sciences, and has taught English-speaking audiences in the UK for the past few years. In addition to completing a BSc Biomedical Science degree in London, she has also completed her Arabic, Islamic studies, and Hifdh of Qur’an in Cairo, Egypt. Born in Somalia and raised in the UK, she has lived in various cities around the world and travelling continues to be one of her passions (hey, it’s in the nomadic genes!). Farhia is a published author, upcoming novelist, and a translator of classical Arabic texts. She teaches tailored Islamic courses for sisters online and also runs this blog (as well as its social networks) with a focus on writing around the gems of the Qur’an and the beauty of literature. Farhia is currently living and working in the UAE.

Copyright: All copyright belongs to Fajr Literary and myself as the author. Should you wish to use the material here, you are welcome to do so – but I only ask that you reference it back to author & blog without any alterations to the original piece.