Arabic in Cairo

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah


I had been been avoiding writing stuff about studying Arabic in Cairo on my blog for some time now – mainly because alhamdulillah there’s so much information out there already. But it’s been suggested & I figured that yeah, it would be better than me responding to every email and enquiry! So insha’Allah I’ll try to place up tips, general info and some help for all you budding students who wish to travel to Cairo, for some Arabic studies (and of course, koshari) :-)

All posts related to this topic will be gathered here (and posted up in no particular order), so watch this space!

The Need to Return to Arabic

Accomodation and Finance

Which Institute to go to? [A thorough discussion/comments on here]

Public or Private study?

If you don’t speak their language… (the battle between Fus-ha and ‘Amiyyah)

Meeting Other Students

Random Pictures around Cairo

Of Taxis and Husbands :-) (a funny observation on Taxi-life in Egypt by one of my ex-flatmates)

Microbus Adventures (another humorous article on public transport)

My Review of Fajr Center  (quite a detailed review also by an ex-flatmate)

Study in Egypt  (a new and growing website dedicated to providing information on studying in Egypt to those coming from the West – run mainly by students at Al-Azhar University)

For the Book-Lovers in Cairo

Cairo and Que-Jumpers

Studying Abroad: What no-one really prepares you for