As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

I’m currently working with a close friend from Sisters Achieve, and have worked with her on many different things before masha’Allah, but her latest project is just wonderful tabarak’Allah. I really wanted to get the word out on it because of its potential and benefit. It’s concerning a favourite topic of mine (hint: if you liked the blog post ‘Life is interesting when dreams come true’, then you will LOVE her course), and I strongly urge sisters to take a look at it.

Life is short as we know it, and Allah `azza wa jall has encouraged us to do as much good as we can in life before we leave this world. He has gifted all of us with a talent, or an idea, or some skill. But most of us haven’t discovered it or we don’t know how to utilise it or make it come into fruition. If this is you, then you might be interested in signing up for the course below insha’Allah…


*** Only open to a limited number of sisters ***

This is not a life coaching course. Whilst life coaching has its benefits, this course is different. It will take sisters on an intense journey of self discovery. You will inshaAllah tap into the gifts that Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) has given to you. You will learn how to manage your time effectively. You will take the physical steps necessary to move closer to your dream becoming a reality. The course will be interactive and you will not be left alone until your ideas have turned into actual realities and are at a point to ‘go it alone’.

You can pass through this dunya, doing the best that you can to have what you want here and pave the way for what you want in the next eternal life.

By the end of this course:

  • You will have identified your vision for your dunya and akhirah.
  • You will have refined your vision and identified between 1-3 ideas/dreams.
  • Made the necessary changes in your life to create mental and physical space to start working towards your dreams.
  • Taken the physical steps through action to turn your ideas/dreams into a reality.

Course Duration: 10 months

Overall Structure: 3 parts – Part 1 is 8 weeks, Part 2 is 12 weeks, Part 3 is 20 weeks

What is included:

  • Weekly topic
  • 1 hour live webinar (9pm GMT)
  • Weekly individual task(s) (homework!)
  • Weekly group task via the Online Forum
  • One to one email support
  • Additional Support: any time throughout the course – 1 to 1 session – booked via website.

Part One Start Date: Thursday 7th August 2014

Part One Duration: 8 weeks

Part One covers the following topics: confidence, positivity and negativity, focus, the dunya as a tool for the akhirah, looking at the lives of our pious predecessors and how they achieved their dreams and much more.

Aim of Part One: Paradigm shift! You will develop a detailed individualised ‘Vision Plan’. You will choose between one to three ideas to focus on in part two and three of the course.

Requirements: Sisters Only, access to a computer, email, and that you are full of motivation and passion to achieve!

Cost of Part One: £50

How do I apply?

  • Read the information about the course carefully
  • Complete the registration form which you can find here.
  • Once your registration form is received, you will inshaAllah receive an email to discuss your registration form. If both parties are happy to continue, payment will inshaAllah need to made by the closing date.

NB: Due to the importance of group interaction on the course, there are a limited number of available places.

Link to register