Day 21 / Juz 21 (Ramadan ’17):-

“And of His signs is that the heaven and earth remain by His command. Then when He calls you with a [single] call from the earth, immediately you will come forth.” [30: 25]

They say that death is the final submission; we fall into the arms of death and finally submit. There’s no more free will after that as a long process begins which sees us taken from earth and through to the next life until the Day of Resurrection when God calls us altogether with a single call.


But He calls us to Him every day. He calls us to Him every night. But we sleep on and we live on, not answering His calls and not turning to His way. But there lies at the end a final call that awaits each of us which we answer ever so unwillingly.


May Allah forgive us for our heedlessness and may He guide us to Him with gentleness, ameen.

Day 22 / Juz 22 (Ramadan ’17):-

“…But few of My slaves are grateful.” [34: 13]

Be from the few. Those who go above and beyond the norm. The grateful and patient; who are grateful for the minute things and patient over the great tests. Be from the few; the heroes and heroines, the brave and fearless. The worshippers by night and the charitable by day. The knowledgeable and knowledge-seekers, the good-doers wherever they are. Be from the few who perfect their Iman and protect it fiercely. Be from the few who hold tight their families and hold together their communities. They are all marked and distinguished not by the great actions they do, but by the rare quality with which they do so.


Be from the few who are quality people, and like the rare gem, can hardly be found in abundance. O Allah, make us from the few who go above and beyond, ameen.

Day 23 / Juz 23 (Ramadan ’17):-

“Truly, when it was said to them, ‘There is no god but God,’ they were ever arrogant.” [37: 35]

Most people don’t really reject faith and belief. Deep down everyone has questions and everyone has inclinations towards believing in something. But what they might reject is law, ‘organised religion’ as they say and following a way that could potentially end some of their habits, their idea of fun or familiarity, etc. Their fear of losing out stops them. Hence why there’s an emerging trend of people who reject religion but take up ‘spirituality’. For the elite however, it was always sheer arrogance and disdain for following a way not concocted or governed by them that often stopped them from believing.


In the famous narration of Abu Sufyan (before his faith) when he met the Roman leader Heraclius who asked him about the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam), we learn that Heraclius tried to ascertain the validity of the Messenger by looking for clues on the arrogance vs. humility of his followers – because it was well known that a truthful message attracted sincere and humble hearts.


Abu Sufyan said, “Heraclius asked, ‘Do the nobles or the poor follow him?’ I replied, ‘It is the poor who follow him.’… [al-Bukhari]


When explaining his reasons,, Heraclius said, “I asked you whether the rich people followed him or the poor. You replied that it was the poor who followed him. And in fact all the Messengers have been followed by this very class of people…” – these are the ones that when it was said to them ‘There is no god but God’, they accepted and submitted, unlike their fellow proud men who puffed up their chests with istikbar (arrogance and pride).


It’s amazing when you realise just how much character, manners, and morals affects not only your Deen, but how guidance can reach you or be prevented from you, subhan’Allah. As the people say, ‘Whoever perfects his character, perfects his religion.’

Day 24 / Juz 24 (Ramadan ’17):-

“And Pharaoh said, “Let me kill Moses and let him call upon his Lord. Indeed, I fear that he will change your religion or that he will make mischief in the land.”” [40: 26]

The corrupt elite are the same wherever they are and whoever they are. They hold onto power by crushing dissent or anything & anyone that threatens it, and they garner support for this by splitting the population. Some they turn you against and others they coerce you to support until their agendas are met and their seats are protected. They don’t care for you in the least.


Pharaoh knew that Moses posed a problem because of the effect of his simple call; words that he took from his Lord to the people who in turn believed. ‘He’s trying to change your way of life!’ Pharaoh claimed. ‘He’s causing mischief!’ Every argument he could bring, he did. But that couldn’t stop people believing and so he resorted to killing him. But first he brainwashed the people into believing that Moses was out to get them, and he instilled fear into their hearts. But the real fear was that Pharaoh was petrified of losing power, money, and control.


That was thousands of years ago but the same tactics are still used today by the powers that be. They’re still used today in the Orwellian society that’s come to be. But the people will eventually wake up and realise that Moses is not the problem and their differences are not the problem. They will eventually wake up and cross that sea. They always do.

Day 25 / Juz 25 (Ramadan ’17):-

“Allah is Subtle with His servants…” [42: 19]

It’s not difficult for Allah to show us His signs in elaborate and stark ways. It’s not difficult for Him to shake the earth beneath our feet or colour the sky above us if need be. But that’s not how He works with His slaves. He is subtle and He is consistent in His subtlety. He teaches us in ways that are gentle and personal to each of us, and He alerts us to our mistakes on a very discreet level.


I remember one time when I was studying abroad, a friend of mine asked me to listen to a lecture on a particular aspect of fiqh. I kept putting it off but it was strange because she kept asking if I had listened to it and I said no because to be honest it wasn’t a topic that interested me or concerned me. I had other subject areas that I wanted to learn more about. So I didn’t bother with it and completely dismissed it (may Allah forgive me). Subhan’Allah, within a few days, out of nowhere I fell into a predicament which concerned that *exact* same fiqh issue. I was astonished to say the least. It wasn’t a major crisis but it wasn’t an every day matter either; it was something so far from my mind at that time. But anyway, the message was ever so clear. Allah was saying to me ‘Don’t dismiss any aspect of knowledge; it’s not for you to choose’, and He was alerting me to take His gifts and opportunities for learning. What brought me to tears was how subtle everything was and how it all unfolded; from my friend’s random suggestion and persistence, to the timing of it all. Needless to say I rushed back home and listened to that lecture twice over 😀


Allah is subtle and He wishes only that we are humble enough to notice His gentle messages and act upon them. He wishes only to teach us in gentle ways because if He wished, He could’ve taught us harshly – but He chooses Mercy at every instance. O Allah, be gentle with us and guide us with Your kindness, Ya Lateef.