Our lives are all linked and intertwined, much like the strings of a cobweb or the stones on the pavement or the drops of water streaming down a tree. We breathe in as others breathe out, we go through doors as others leave, and we speak as others take a pause. Even our tests start where others end theirs.

Fill your voids and treat your ailments with the right things, otherwise you will keep seeking anything to do the job, never understanding why you’re still sick and empty.

The devil’s plan… If he cannot get you with kufr and shirk, he tries to get you with innovation. If he cannot get you with innovation, he gets you with other major sins. If he cannot get you to commit those, he’ll tempt you with the minor ones. If he cannot get you with the minor sins, he will entrap you with wasting time and engaging in mundane permissible things. However, if you’re too smart for that, he will actually tempt you with good deeds – but deeds much less than what you are capable of. And this is one of the last ways that he deceives the believers – he makes sure they never realise their true potential and never reach their full strength.

Life tends to prefer the nonjudgmental. For time, it has been punishing the judgmental with the very things they rush to judge or criticise.

If it was something he could fix
He would’ve done his darn best to do so
But how can he fix anything
If he doesn’t even know what’s broken?
The issue evaded him like nothing before